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Wooden Garage Doors

You are one of these people who love wooden garage doors in Edmonton, Alberta. Aren’t you? Lovely choice. Wood brings elegance to the home exterior. And nowadays, there are so many timber options and wooden garage door designs that this material continuous to be the number one choice for the majority of homes.

Feel free to turn to Garage Door Repair Edmonton if you are interested in sales and installation. Do the same if you need a different service right now, like the existing wood garage door fixed, maintained, or replaced.

Stunning Edmonton wooden garage doors and expert installation

Wooden Garage Doors Edmonton

Let our team provide choices for your home in Edmonton. Wooden garage doors are made of various timber species and so their style and color differ. Then again, you may have your new wooden garage door painted. You may get the hardware you like and add the features you consider necessary.

To make a long story short, when you get the opportunity to have custom wooden garage doors, you also have choices. That’s great, isn’t it? With our team, you take informed decisions. A pro stands by your side and is sent to measure so that there won’t be any mistakes when it’s time to talk about the needed wooden garage door double or single sizes.

One more thing. Double or single, the wooden garage door installation is properly done. Have no doubt.

Experts in all wooden garage door repairs and services  

Since wooden garage doors are heavy, overall, they also need durable parts. And so, when it’s time for some wooden garage door service, don’t take risks. Once again, reach our team to book your service to be sure that the replacement parts will be suitable. To also be sure that the service is done accurately.

Yes, we are available for complete services – wooden garage door repair, replacement, inspection, maintenance, and installation. And all services are carried out by techs trained to fix, service, and install wood garage doors. Techs equipped properly to offer the service needed. Techs who will know which opener best matches your wood garage door or how to handle a spring or track problem.

Naturally, you can count on us for service on the panel. Is it scratched, warped, rotten? Let’s discuss the solutions to this or any other problem. Whatever it is, as long as it has to do with wooden garage doors, Edmonton specialists are at your service.